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Secret to Happiness

Every single life we live is a drive to happiness. We work for money or either way money works for us. But all the same some of us still believe happiness is achieved through money or fame or being wealthy. Money is good, but is it the key to happiness or everlasting fulfillments.
Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy according to wikipedia. But how many people really achieve this happiness in this struggling business world. I had a dream and in this dream, i was presented with two individual characters who lived their lives with two opposing lifestyles.

The first one was lived by a gentleman who worked so hard to achieve happiness. In doing so he encountered many obstacles. He was working to cater for the external family and particularly looking after his junior brother who was sick and had to be injected with a very expensive medicine every week. So all he did was to work and work because he didn't want to loose his brother.

He was in the middle class, he worked hard to sustain his family, he being the only senior and capable one. But at the end of his exhaustive day, all he gained was complements from family members. He could not even marry because then he had to quit looking after the family which he couldn't  He got nothing at the end. He was in a rabbit hole.

The second character was a wealthy guy who could afford everything he wanted. He lived alone. He also worked hard. but he was very selfish. He wanted everything for himself. He had no time to rest. Always busy, going to conferences, seminars and business meetings and making millions money.

He had no one to spend with. And at the end of the day. He came to his apartment alone. He got everything he could afford, but had no time to enjoy life. 

In the dream i found my self in the shoes of this two characters at different scenes, and felt their emotions, what they were going through,pain,anxiety,and their tiredness.  it was like i was them.

I felt the first character was really struggling with pain each day to get the brother's medicine and to help the family. But at the end of the day, he felt a sense of hope,self appraisal, and a purpose in life. He knew he was part of something special other than money or treasure but weighted heavily than material things.
I felt him knew he was doing something worthy. And he was happy about it.

The second subject had everything he could afford. But at the end of the day, he had no one to share with. He felt nothing, He was wealthy in the flesh , but poor in the heart.

And then it just struck me with a realization when i woke up from the dream. They all had the potential to be happy. But where they really happy. Both can be happy, but one will be more and everlasting. Most people, scientist,information technologist,and all forms of professionals think we are in the information age.
We have really passed that. We have even passed the age called information overload. The new level is the Sharing Age

The character in the dream who helped the family was living in the Sharing Age. The sharing age is a realization. and its the only secret to happiness. I felt a satisfaction through him after the end of the day. what i felt through the other one was a little bit of gladness with bliss upon the material things he got. But they were not striking. He became bored with them.

The proof is 
1. Why is the internet now all about sharing huh.?
2. Why do you think famous and respected politicians , musicians and other huge phenomenons enter the philanthropic style of life.
3. Why is bill gate now involving himself in Africa through needy organisations.
4. Why is bill clinton also involving himself with helping Africa and all that.

After achieving all that you struggled for. without sharing is even more painful than not to work for it at all. because at the end of the day. We all perish.

I will talk about how to be in the Age of Sharing in my next post.

By the way you can start your happiness by sharing this page :)

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